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Reach your customers aboard major airlines and discover untapped marketing and engagement opportunities

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Unlock The Power of In-Flight Digital Advertising

Our best-in-class platform gives brands and media buyers access to advertising space in the in-flight entertainment environment of major airlines.

Engaging air passengers with unique and impactful marketing campaigns has never been easier.

We enable large and small businesses to:

  • Deliver digital, data-driven in-flight advertising campaigns
  • Reach and engage a wide, captive audience
  • Get their message in front of travelers on relevant routes
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Show Ads in the Perfect Format and Position For Your Message

Through our platform, advertisers have a wide range of powerful options to share their message in the right form, in the right place and at the right time.

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Be visible to passengers when they use the in-flight WiFi or seatback entertainment screens.

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Show banner or video ads and choose between different landing page options.

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Maximize results with route- and language-based targeting, frequency caps and more.

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Media agencies

Monetize In-Flight Ad Space with Your Media Agency

For media agencies, selling in-flight digital ad space offers a new and unique way to generate revenue. With our intuitive, easy-to-use quoting tool, you quickly provide your customers with specified in-flight advertising quotes.

Get a quote in just 5 minutes

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Easily select relevant routes and options

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White-label quotes to send to customers

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Reach Travellers on 100+ Flight Routes of 20+ Airlines Worldwide (and Counting)

No other company offers digital advertising opportunities on board as many airlines as IMD-NL. This is what makes our platform unique and highly interesting for both brands and agencies.

We owe our leading position to our valued partnerships with key players in the aviation industry, who trust and use our solution.

Some of Our Partners:

FVS Entertainment
Inflight Dublin
Lufthansa Systems
West Entertainment
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Brands and Media Agencies, Get Ahead of The Competition!

Capitalise on the potential of this untapped advertising channel.

In fact, in several regions of the world, media aegencies can currently become the first to offer in-flight advertising to their customers through our platform.

Contact us now for more information and take advantage of this opportunity!

Are You Ready For Takeoff?

We are happy to discuss in detail what in-flight advertising can mean for your business.

Give us a call, email us or use our contact form.

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