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Introducing The #1 Platform for In-Flight Digital Advertising

Leverage The Full Potential of In-Flight Advertising

IMD-NL provides the most powerful advertising platform for brands to connect with air passengers when they read content, watch videos, or play games during their journey.

Our best-in-class solution consists of:

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Powerful Ad Server

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Innovative Private Market Place

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User-Friendly Quoting Tool


Everything You Need For Impactful In-Flight Advertising

Our platform offers advertisers a wide range of powerful options to share their message in the right form, in the right place and at the right time.

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Choose from 100+ flights to advertise on

Use route-based targeting to reach the right people with the right message.

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Target air passengers via multiple devices

Via the seatback screens, personal devices connected to the in-flight WiFi, or both.

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Choose the perfect format for your ads

Show banner ads or video ads and choose from different landing page options.

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Add targeting based on language settings

Connect with passengers who actually understand the message you are promoting.

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Get statistics on your in-flight ad campaigns

Our platform collects data for you to gain valuable insights into your campaigns.

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Only pay for real ad impressions

Advertising is on a CPM basis and our platform measures actual impressions.

Ad formats

Various Effective Ad Formats to Choose From

With our solution, advertisers can leverage widely used ad formats to promote their message. Most modern ad formats are supported and there are several calls-to-action to choose from.

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  • Banner ads:
    • All standard IAB sizes
    • JPG, JPEG, GIF and PNG
  • Video ads:
    • 640x360 resolution video ads
    • MP4, WEB, AVI and MOV
    • Duration up to 30 seconds
    • Skippable after 5 seconds
  • Microsites:
    • Microsites with custom content
    • Text and images
  • Landing page options:
    • Microsite
    • Custom form
Quoting tool

Super Easy to Use Quoting Tool to Calculate Costs

We have developed an innovative quoting tool that makes it super fast and easy for brands and media agencies to calculate the price of an in-flight advertising campaign.

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Easily select relevant routes and options

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White-label quotes to send to customers

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Reach Travellers on 100+ Flight Routes of 20+ Airlines Worldwide (and Counting)

Reach and engage a wide, captive audience on flight routes relevant to your business and message.

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