In-Flight Digital Advertising

Put Your Brand in Front of a Highly Captive Audience: Air Passengers

Digital Advertising Above the Clouds

In-flight digital advertising offers a unique and impactful way for advertisers to reach potential customers onboard aircrafts.

Some advantages of in-flight digital advertising:

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Captive audiences

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Route-based targeting

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Little competition

Captive audience

Reach an Audience that Pays Attention To Your Ad

Air passengers are a captive audience with limited distractions during their journey. They are more likely to pay attention to in‑flight advertisements compared to other mediums. As a result, in-flight ads have a big impact on passenger engagement and brand recall.

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Route-based targeting

Advertise On Routes Relevant to Your Message

In-flight advertising allows brands to capture the attention of the right audience, by targeting travellers on specific flight routes. Advertise on planes flying from or to locations that align with your business and message to reach your potential customers.

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An Untapped Advertising Channel With Huge Potential

In-flight digital advertising is a unique and underutilized marketing opportunity. As passengers increasingly turn to digital devices for entertainment during their flights, airlines have become the perfect platform for brands to showcase their offerings.

Be one of the firsts in your industry to leverage this untapped advertising channel!

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Turn Air Passengers into Potential Customers

We have developed a revolutionary platform with powerful features to deliver impactful digital in-flight ad campaigns. Advertise on 100+ flight routes of 22 airlines and counting.

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Be visible to passengers when they use the in-flight WiFi or the entertainment screens.

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Show banner or video ads and choose between different landing page options.

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